Stefan Barolin | SpendHQ

Enterprise Solutions Consultant

Stefan Barolin is the Solutions Team Lead EMEA at SpendHQ. Stefan and his team collaborate with clients and prospects to understand their current tools and processes, demonstrating how SpendHQ can address their pain points. Prior to joining SpendHQ in 2021, Stefan held procurement roles at companies such as Airbus and Renault-Nissan. He brings extensive experience in sourcing and procurement transformation to the team.

Stefan and Martijn invite you to discuss;

From Insight to Value: How do you get there?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the role of Procurement extends beyond cost-saving to becoming a pivotal force for driving value. As organizations strive to remain competitive, procurement leaders are tasked with not only optimizing costs but also creating value through risk mitigation, sustainability, and innovation. This round table will explore how procurement can lead transformative change, delivering significant value within organizations with an emphasis on orchestration, processes and people. 

Discussion Questions:

1. What are your Procurement ‘North Stars’? What are you striving for?

2. What are the key challenges and opportunities in leveraging Procurement to support broader organizational value goals? What rocks do you still have on your shoes basically?

3. What rituals and tools can Procurement Leaders implement to maximize value creation? What’s your secret sauce? How do you demonstrate?