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October 15th 2024

08:00Registration openHotel Birger Jarl
08:45Start of CPO Outlook 2024
EBG | Network
09:00Keynote enabled by IvaluaSpeaker TBA
Keynote enabled by PrewaveSpeaker TBA
10:30Keynote enabled by MagnitSpeaker TBA
Theme Discussions 1Parallel round table discussions
Discussion hosted by Ivalua
Discussion hosted by Prewave
Discussion hosted by Magnit
Discussion hosted by Integrity Next
Discussion hosted by EcoVadis
Discussion hosted by Zycus
From Insight to Value: How do you get there?
Discussion hosted by SpendHQ
Stefan Barolin
Enterprise Solutions Consultant
Martijn van Melsen
Regional Sales Director Benelux & Nordics
Discussion hosted by Coupa
Discussion hosted by GEP
Transition time
Theme Discussions 2Same topics as during TD
Lunch break
Keynote | Transformation and Change Management supporting the journey towards Future Proof Sourcing and Procurement

– What can companies do to free up time for sourcing and procurement to focus on value adding tasks in line with corporate strategies?
– Operating model is execution model of Source to Pay process – what should trigger change of the model?
– How to keep people skills relevant in a quickly changing business environment?
– How to move from nice speeches to concrete actions and appropriate resourcing of the change management!
Vesa Kuismanen
Director, Sourcing and Business Transformation
UPM – The Biofore Company
Transition time
Theme Discussions 3Parallel round table discussions
CSDDD – Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive – How to integrate smartly into ways of working

– CSDDD is a new regulation that we see as a necessity for our business even without the legal requirement – good for business in terms of shareholders, customers and other stakeholders.
– How should we organise ourselves in order to work better and smarter?
– The legislation is still being clarified – how far should we go? What about Tier-N suppliers?
– What level is good enough? What information do we need about our suppliers and how do we monitor our supplier base?

Discussion hosted by Saab
Vanessa Gisslegård
Procurement Excellence Manager
David Valo
Procurement Excellence Manager
How can procurement build in an adaptive approach to strategy alignment and execution?

– How to stay a relevant partner for company businesses in a very volatile business environment?
– How to incorporate systematic change management model and culture into your procurement operating model design?
– What role does technology play enabling efficiency and value creation?

Discussion hosted by UPM
Vesa Kuismanen
Director, Sourcing and Business Transformation
What do we mean by excellence in procurement – now and ahead?

– What is excellence to You and Your organization?
– How can procurement free up time to have the time to develop further?
– Who are the competencies procurement will need to become those business partners desired?

Discussion hosted by CSL
Daniel Johansson
Global Head Procurement Strategy & Excellence
Unlocking Productivity: Navigating the Procurement Ecosystem

1. Relevance: How crucial is it to have all process and related information in one place?
2. Challenges & Opportunities: Seemingly endless task of mapping, collecting, maintaining, and enhancing global, category-specific, regional, and local information.
3. Staying Agile: Share your experiences with managing governance tasks and other process management learnings.

Discussion hosted by Electrolux
Mark Gustafson
Program Director, Group Procurement
Discussion hosted by VestasNicola Gianluca Raimondi
Head of Supplier Quality Development Governance, Standards, Transformation and Offshore
Theme Discussions 4Same topics as during TD
Keynote | How do you develop procurement into a Hero Function?

– What role does processes and the choice of operating model have in creating excellence?
– How can and will technology play a part in enabling focus where focus is needed?
– Who will future procurement professionals be – what type mix of people may be desirable?
Daniel Johansson
Global Head Procurement Strategy & Excellence
17:30End of Day 1
17:45Drinks & Dinner reception!Pre-registration for dinner required

October 16th 2024

09:00Opening of Day 2EBG | Network
Panel | GenAI – the Truth, actual use cases, anticipation and corporate considerations
Keynote |
Panel | How is corporate sustainability goals translated and executed within procurement? Benchmark sharing of tangible example of Sustainability improvement beyond the reporting
Keynote | How to tackle indirect spend development issues and possibilities – supplier diversity, tail spend, risk in indirect, compliance, efficiency and effect
Workshops in parallel held once for 60 minutes each
How can companies build a procurement function and sourcing processes that cater for sustainable procurement?
Workshop hosted by Ericsson
Tuukka Farin
Head of Responsible Sourcing
Panel | How do companies increase and develop supplier relationship management ahead?
Panel | Procurement resource gap challenges, skill-sets needed ahead and operating model considerations
Keynote | Vestas
15:30End of CPO Outlook 2024