Mark Gustafson | Electrolux

Program Director, Group Procurement

Mark is a diverse industry and category strategic purchasing experience with leading international companies, supported by mechanical engineering and MBA degrees

People-first leader with track record of accomplishments through others by coaching through challenges, developing a clear strategy, fostering a collaborative mindset, clarifying process, and increasing data visibility

Digital transformation skills built throughout career by developing tools and reporting solutions and leading system implementations

Today Mark is the leader for center of excellence program management team to develop organizational capabilities in areas such as contracting, sourcing governance, and vendor data management.

Unlocking Productivity: Navigating the Procurement Ecosystem

In a global procurement organization, managing an array of policies, processes, tools, templates, and learning materials can be daunting. But what if you had One source—a centralized hub for all procurement process-related information? Imagine process flows, job aids, training materials, and supporting data accessible from a single trusted location. That’s precisely what Electrolux aims to achieve.

Why It Matters:

• Streamlined Processes: Understanding your processes is the foundation for automation and digitalization. It’s how you identify harmonization opportunities and ensure resource productivity.

• Less Cognitive Load: Emerging technologies like AI can connect the dots, reducing the cognitive load for your team members.

• Becoming the Employer of Choice: Clarity in processes makes work less ambiguous, making your organization an attractive place to work.

Our Vision:

Electrolux will consolidate all procurement-related contracting, sourcing, supplier quality, risk management, sustainability, and more materials into a SharePoint repository. All in the goal of creating an agile ecosystem that provides clarity with built in governance.

Let’s Discuss:

1. Relevance: How crucial is it to have all process and related information in one place?

2. Challenges & Opportunities: Seemingly endless task of mapping, collecting, maintaining, and enhancing global, category-specific, regional, and local information.

3. Staying Agile: Share your experiences with managing governance tasks and other process management learnings.