David Valo | Saab

Procurement Excellence Manager

David has over ten years of experience in operational and strategic sourcing as well as business development roles at Saab, Essity and SCA. He is leading the work around supplier risk management within the Procurement Excellence team.

Join David and Vanessa and discuss the below;

CSDDD – Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive – How to integrate smartly into ways of working

CSDDD will affect all businesses in some way and Procurement in particular. How do we integrate new ways of working in a business that is growing as fast as a start up? We need to transform and update our existing processes in order to create value while minimizing added workload.  In other words, we need to work better and smarter.


  • CSDDD is a new regulation that we see as a necessity for our business even without the legal requirement – good for business in terms of shareholders, customers and other stakeholders.
  • How should we organise ourselves in order to work better and smarter?
  • The legislation is still being clarified – how far should we go? What about Tier-N suppliers?
  • What level is good enough? What information do we need about our suppliers and how do we monitor our supplier base?