Daniel Johansson | CSL

Global Head Procurement Strategy & Excellence

Daniel is a driven procurement executive with a passion for transformation across business processes within Procurement, Finance and HR. He has a proven track record of large and small transformation projects and savings deliveries within procurement as well as other business processes. A passionate, effective and motivated leader with a can-do attitude. An effective communicator and change agent with experience in setting strategy, building and managing shared business services across multiple geographical as well as business areas.

Learn and be inspired by the keynote shared by Daniel;

Keynote | How do you develop procurement into a Hero Function?

We still hear the divide. Between procurement being a task based operations hub enabling the business to function (or just doing as being told). Or being the source of knowledge enabling the business to make the right sourcing and production decisions short and long term. Perhaps most likely a bit of both. Needding to be more of that business partner as more insight is needed that procurement knows the most about.

More and more companies are transforming procurement and engaging in enabling excellence in strategies and operations. But what does that mean? What does it mean when you still have more to do than you can handle? And more tasks are being added. How do you break down the goal for excellence into steps taken that help create a Hero Function with resources the business need and ask for?

During this session we will walk through changing environments. How – if you will – can you create a Brand Strategy for procurement?

  • What role does processes and the choice of operating model have in creating excellence?
  • How can and will technology play a part in enabling focus where focus is needed?
  • Who will future procurement professionals be – what type mix of people may be desirable?

Prior to his keynote Daniel invite you to join his round table discussions focusing on;

Theme What do we mean by excellence in procurement – now and ahead?

No one can do everything and this is very true for procurement. Still procurement are asked to cater for more tasks than is possible to handle. Creating frustation and lack of both short and long term oversight and insight. CSL have embarked in a transformation and excellence journey – but what does that mean? Pharma too are undertaking changes in processes, systems and people to re-shape procurement. The pandemic proving the need for very agile ways of working and considerations on whether to be increasingly global or not. Discuss lessons learned enabling competitive advantages through procurement.

  • What is excellence to You and Your organization?
  • How can procurement free up time to have the time to develop further?
  • Who are the competencies procurement will need to become those business partners desired?