Magnit | Theme Discussions 3 & 4

Magnit | Theme Discussions 3 & 4

How do you navigate and overcome the challenges in the new landscape of the modern (contingent) workforce?

There has been a great shift in the workforce landscape towards a growing population of contingent and remote workers. With a demand that exceed the supply in skilled roles versus full-time employees, referred to as the Modern Workforce.

Procurement of contingent workforce has now become a strategic function, no longer being a burst capacity or project function. This is challenging procurement executives to focus on quality and impact and value, not just cost reduction in their procurement strategy. It’s a much more complex value equation. Procurement executives are questioning the status quo of how contingent workforce have been managed. 

There are more and more regulations, risk and complexities across countries. There is a demand for specific specialities and skillsets and not enough talent. There is all kinds of emerging tech, data and analytics, and a lot of solutions rising up to help satisfy this new landscape of modern workforce.

Join us to discuss contingent workforce challenges and possibilities!

  • How have the procurement of contingent workforce changed the last couple of years?
  • Which are the biggest challenges you face in regards of the procurement of contingent workforce?
  • Have your organization done any changes in how you source, attract and handle your total workforce the last couple of years. If so, which changes?
  • How do you secure full compliance to the procurement process of contingent workforce?

Moderator: Per-Anders Meyer | Head Of Purchasing | Stockholm Exergi & Henrik Fredga | Client Sales Director | Magnit