UPM | Focused Theme Discussion 1

UPM | Focused Theme Discussion 1

A Focused Theme Discussion is a one time workshop where peers come together to learn from the host company and each other. A great way to dig deeper into a specific topic!

What is true end to end source to pay to you and how do you implement it?

Most companies want insight and control long before an invoice land at someone’s desk. Sourcing wants to understand business needs in time to make informed decisions and help get the best goods and services. Procurement wants contracts to be used as intended and goods and services to be delivered as agreed. Finance wants to ensure working capital efficiency and cash control. All are reliant on suppliers co-operating and following plans.

At UPM end to end source to pay is a reality. It’s 19000 people worldwide and annual sales of EUR 10.5 billion are supported by sourcing, procurement and finance collaboration.

The roadmap has considered how to improve data quality, increase process efficiency and establish end-to-end Source to Pay operating models. In addition digital sourcing capabilities have been enhanced.

During this interactive workshop you will share lessons learned and compare notes with peers in the room. Take the opportunity to benchmark others strategy, process and technology choices and walk away with a clearer view over what end to end optimization could mean to you.


  • How have you organized sourcing, procurement and finance?
  • What is stopping you from end to end optimization?
  • Which trends and technology advances do you think will help you ahead?
  • What technology challenges are you or have you experienced?

Moderator: Jukka-Pekka Hämäläinen, Vice President, Source to Pay Operations, UPM