MTR Group | Theme Discussions 3 & 4

MTR Group | Theme Discussions 3 & 4

How to keep the category management strategies and plans agile with all disruptions in supply chain and how are they truly connected to business acumen?

Category management have been around a really long time yet there is still much to discuss and debate. Consider all the challenges in today’s markets as well as the need for risk management and sustainability accountability. Take into account digitalization and most important – the connection with the core business. Are companies working with category management efficiently and with the desired effect? During this session you can compare how you structure procurement strategies and how you choose to align with the business accordingly.


  • How are you structuring procurement today and what does category management mean to you?
  • To what extent can you follow your category plans and how often do you need to make ad hoc decision?
  • How do you incorporate business acumen into procurement strategies and operations?
  • As many companies are in transformation and under constant change pressure – how do you manage to hold your course?

Moderator: Benny Hall | CPO | MTR Nordic Group

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