Maersk Drilling | Focused Theme Discussion I

Maersk Drilling | Focused Theme Discussion I

How will the role of Category Management need to develop?

With an even greater focus on digitalization and automation, increased sustainability goals and supplier enabled initiatives – how have and will category management (CM) and category managers need to evolve? Product Management (PM) is increasing across many organizations therefore CM and PM need to collaborate and succeed together. Discuss in what ways and how to drive Supplier Relationship Management throughout the organization.

Go through;

  • How can the category manager support company sustainability goals through Supplier lead sustainability initiatives?
  • How do you structure and achieve Senior Management buy-in?
  • Why do we need to partner rather than only working with suppliers to innovate and digitalize? 
  • What does mean to drive an alliance model, how does this differ from a relationship model?

Moderator: Grant Morrison, Director, Head of Category Management, Maersk Drilling