Interos | Theme Discussion 1 & 2

Interos | Theme Discussion 1 & 2

What is Supply Chain Resilience in 2022?

Global supply chains are being reconfigured in response to disruptive events. Supply chain disruptions are frequent, expensive and often hidden from view. Risk practices and technology adoption require improvement. Operational resilience is a multiplayer game. Achieving operational resilience is not something one organization can do on its own

it requires collective responsibility. Developing operational resilience requires support of suppliers and strategic partners. Most executives agree they need to do a better job of external engagement. During this session you will discuss challenges and opportunities in physical and financial supply chain risk mitigation.

  • Wish are the Geopolitical Risk on Supply Chain Leaders’ Minds?
  • Which are the Concentration Risk in High-Tech Supply Chains?
  • Operational resilience as a multiplayer game – how can you ensure collective responsibility?

Moderator: Geraint John, Vice President, Interos Resilience Lab, Interos