Icertis | Theme Discussion 1 & 2

Icertis | Theme Discussion 1 & 2

Building Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Today’s procurement departments are expected move fast to deliver continued cost savings and process innovations through a global supply chain defined by disruption, inflation, and heightened expectations around responsible sourcing. Contracts define what a company buys and on what terms yet have remained stagnant as the world around them grew more digital, specialized, and connected. Learn how to digitally transform these powerful agreements to deliver the insights and automation procurement need to move faster, realize value, and build trust between their partners and the world.


  • How to stay ahead of competition, stay agile and create a single source of truth with contract intelligence
  • How to control supplier risk and performance
  • How to secure transparency and agility across the supplier network

Moderator: Niklas Karlsson General Manager, Northern Europe, Icertis