H&M Group | Theme Discussion 3 & 4

H&M Group | Theme Discussion 3 & 4

How might Procurement teams develop a supplier base into working with circular business models?

The last years the world have gone through a wave of change with increased attention to climate impact affecting societies and communities around the globe. Companies today have a responsibility towards communities, business partners and shareholders to drive sustainable business.

Expectations from customers are arising in areas connected to sustainability, and governmental legislations are impacting businesses and industries – resulting in Sustainability being a clear objective for most companies.

We need to build a more resilient supply chain with utilizing less resources and challenge the linear model of take-make-dispose. With a circular model we need to challenge current ways of designing both products but also our business processes. Many companies today have high ambitions reducing their carbon footprint and to reach the objective there is often a need to collaborate with partners, with an ecosystem  approach.  

The call for action is here – and within Procurement teams we have an opportunity to support the change,  impact company objectives, lead our industries towards a more sustainable future. We will also have increased obligations connected to compliance and legislations.

We will discuss;

  • How do we develop our suppliers to implement circular business models?
  • How can we measure progress?
  • How do we get the best outcome working with a broad and global supplier base?
  • How do circular business models differ between Commercial and Non Commercial Goods?

Moderator: Anna Erasmie | Head of NCG Procurement | H&M