Getinge | Theme Discussions 3 & 4

Getinge | Theme Discussions 3 & 4

How can procurement do due diligence and manage expectations in a scattered data and process landscape?

Strategies are not necessarily the problem. Change management and visualizing the connection between strategy – process – outcome is harder. Depending on what the expectations really are – how can you create a framework and help the business act in a way that meet expectations? You may or may not have a functioning systems, cleaned masterdata, unified classification and perfect processes. Most likely you have some pieces that work and some that don’t. Here you will discuss how to structure processes and create desired insights in a step by step way.


  • How do you visualize the connection between expectations and outcome today?
  • Companies having grown through M&A – how are you centrally (if you are) performing due diligence?
  • How are you acting towards the business as customer demands for facts and insights increase (yet data is scattered)?
  • How do you in parallel work you way towards ”perfect structures and processes”?

Moderator: Tobias Dock | Senior Manager Purchasing Development | Getinge

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