GEP | Theme Discussions 1 & 2

GEP | Theme Discussions 1 & 2

Bridging the Gap: How to operationalize your organization’s ESG strategy in procurement and supply chain

There is significant pressure from investors and consumers to improve ESG performance, particularly in Scope 3. Regulatory pressures are also on the horizon.

Scope 3 is the largest class of emissions but the least controllable as they are generated mainly in the external supply chain

Understanding where these emissions come from is a huge challenge in itself. If you can measure them, understanding the levers to pull to improve them is also difficult and generally needs a change in supply chain strategy, including fundamental supplier management approaches.

Join this discussion to discuss;

  • What is ESG performance in Scope 3?
  • What regulatory pressures are on the horizon?
  • How can you measure emissions from your external supply chain?
  • In what ways do you communicate and collaborate with your suppliers about Scope 3 and other affecting aspects?

Moderator: Natalie Henfrey, Director – Consulting, GEP