Focused Theme Discussion | 2

Focused Theme Discussion | 2

This is a focused workshop, digging deeper into a certain area. Allowing all who join to really draw from each others experiences. Taking place Day 2 when we have gotten to know each other!

How do you create source to pay aligned category strategies?

Source to contract, purchase to pay, requisition to pay – not seldom what is an end to end structure is divided into pieces. Leaving value untapped, creating silos and putting businesses at potential risk of not acting on valid data. This session will focus on how you can bridge those gaps and create a process and mindset that ensure a source to pay strategy for each category. 


  • How have Lantmännen chosen to organize and ensure end to end collaboration? 
  • What does a source to pay structure for each category mean?
  • What can you do to ensure category strategies are realized from source to pay perspective?
  • What are the key features ensuring category management and operational procurement collaborate?

Moderator: Rasmus Kristensen, Head of Central Procurement, Lantmännen