Focused Theme Discussion | 1

Focused Theme Discussion | 1

How do you change supplier communication from a supplier to partner management perspective?

The past years it has become evident how important supplier relationships and insight is for all companies. Finding ways to collaborate and innovate together, to solve daily and strategic issues. This workshop will focus on how to make that transition, from control and oversight into communication and partnership. Considering and comparing ways of working, how to segment an often large supplier base and how to make good intentions come true. We often talk about coming closer to our suppliers – but how do we achieve it over time? During this workshop we will discuss who need to be involved on both sides and what tools and communication ways to use. Should we start treating suppliers like we treat our customers?

We will discuss;

  • What is good supplier communication to you?
  • In what ways and at what levels do you exchange insight today?
  • How do you segment which suppliers to transition into partners?
  • How are you transitioning from daily ad hoc communication to long term strategic collaboration strategies?
  • Should we treat and communicate with suppliers like we treat and communicate with our customers?


Paul Salwik, Director IT & Technical Procurement
Dace Lubane, VP Business Centre and Operational Procurement
Francine Gayrard, Head of Airport Procurement