Ericsson | Focused Theme Discussion 2

Ericsson | Focused Theme Discussion 2

How do you create process adherence in an end to end flow related to contingent workforce?

Most organizations workforce consist of a contingent workforce segment. Contingent workers are not on the company payroll but provide services to an organization, such as contractors, consultants, temps and advisers, but could also be purchased as a Service or Statement of Work. Being one of the most important assets in a company, from a procurement and finance perspective difficult to oversee and control end to end. The ability to know what it is being spent, where, and with whom is vital. How do you achieve that?

To be compliant and efficient, a company can develop standardized, cross-functional business processes, policies, compliance checks and roles across business units and region. To further improve ways of working this can be supported, where possible, by a single information technology platform. But this is easier said than done. There are a multitude of people involved across the organization and a challenge to create adherence in an end to end flow.

During this workshop you will come together with peers to discuss ways of working with the big spend segment contingent workforce. You will discuss challenges and opportunities and learn from each others approaches to gain insight and control, end to end. 


  • How do you define and create an end to end contingent workforce process? If your process includes stakeholder approval of timesheets/milestones – how do you ensure compliance and timely approval?
  • How well does the classic 2- 3- or 4-way match process fit the contingent workforce flow? Self-billing vs PO-flip?
  • In what ways are you handling vendor rationalization (preferred supplier usage), rate optimization, micro bidding, contract standardization and compliance (incl vetting) within contingent workforce?
  • How have you divided the roles between HR, the business and procurement in relation to the continent workforce flow?
  • MSP- Manage Service Provider approach (outsourcing) versus internal setup, pros and cons?


Maria Lindeborg, Head of P2P & Compliance, Group Sourcing & Joakim Sidnäs, Head of P2P Process Mgmnt & Ops, Group Sourcing