DS Norden | Theme Discussions 3 & 4

DS Norden | Theme Discussions 3 & 4

How do you raise the level of maturity within indirect procurement?

There are many companies experiencing challenges in structuring indirect procurement. For small to midsize companies, Indirect procurement is often forgotten or only has a small resource team focus. This raises challenges for capturing spend, leveraging scale and challenges finding the best fit S2C systems. Typically, you find buyers spread through organization where indirect buying is a secondary task. During this discussion you will share experiences developing indirect procurement starting from zero. What do you do when you don’t have the data nor a clear governance structure? When you aim to have centralized insights yet still will have de-centralized buying? When spend is not big enough for a complex source to pay system yet the business need to control spend?


  • How can you create central purchase to pay governance when buyers are not professional purchasers?
  • How do you mature an indirect organization starting from zero?
  • How can you manage without a S2C or P2P system yet create end to end insights?
  • What are the issues you face when you cannot get a system?
  • In what ways can you connect and develop a contract repository and purchase to pay data?

Moderators: Manisha Mathur, Head of Procurement & Mikkel Lyhne Hansen, Category Manager – Indirect Procurement at Norden