Cepheid | Focused Theme Discussion

Cepheid | Focused Theme Discussion

Workshop | The power of procurement to shape next-generation products with de-risking supply chain

How many products have you experienced which doesn’t turn out to be commercialized well? Especially when procurement and supply chain is not involved in product development phases.
How often do companies empower procurement by early involvement and allowing it to impact overall product development to de-risk their supply chains? During this session you will discuss selective topics around involving procurement and Supply chain in product innovation – development, strengthening cross-collaboration, and making Procurement ready for such collaboration.

We will discuss;

  • How does Procurement fit in New product innovation, development, and introduction
  • How can you accelerate Procurement engagement with other departments?
  • Checklist for Procurement team responsible for New product development
  • Using supplier innovation to de-risk product
  • Blueprint of Procurement involvement engagement and value driving

Workshop host: Dnyanesh Sarang | Manager – New product development and introduction SC | Cepheid (Danaher group)