C2FO | Theme Discussions 1 & 2

C2FO | Theme Discussions 1 & 2

Supply Chain Disruption: Reducing Risk in an Unpredictable Environment?

Providing financial support to thousands of suppliers relieves the burden of financial stress from the supply chain, whilst relieving the workload burden of procurement. Going beyond the limitations of supply chain finance can ensure financial health, help mitigate cost inflation and ease the workload. But what does that mean for you and how can you use this in your business to get the greatest benefit? During this session you will discuss ways of protecting your supply and strengthening supplier relationships to the financial benefit of all parties.


  • What impacts are inflation, shortages and delays having on your supply chain? 
  • How has supply chain finance evolved and how is it being used to efficiently adapt to the extremes of disruption that seem commonplace today?
  • How can procurement, supply chain and finance effectively collaborate to ensure maximum effect?
  • How to segment, roll-out and govern a financial support program over time?

Moderator: Matt McQuillan | Managing Director, Business Development | C2FO