AstraZeneca | Theme Discussion 3 & 4

AstraZeneca | Theme Discussion 3 & 4

How can procurement develop sustainability collaboration with the business and suppliers?

Almost all companies have high set sustainability targets today. Carbon footprints, science based targets as examples. Scope 3 relate to everything procurement and supply chain do together with suppliers. But procurement is just one part – the business who request the supplies and services and suppliers who are the obvious opposite partner all need to agree, comply and engage in targets set. Easier said than done!

During this session you will share experiences and concrete ways of working engaging the business and suppliers in corporate sustainability work.


  • How are you making sure the business is engaged in the targets set and incorporated in contracts?
  • In what ways are you engaging with suppliers to follow up on targets set?
  • How do you help suppliers comply with targets and be able to share data?
  • How much may it cost to ensure set targets given there is not a unified way of sharing data?

Moderator: Håkan Sjöberg | Global Category Manager Energy & Utilities | AstraZeneca