Arjo | Xoomworks Procurement | Coupa | Theme Discussions 3 & 4

Arjo | Xoomworks Procurement | Coupa | Theme Discussions 3 & 4

Digital procurement transformation – The Dos and Don’ts

Digital procurement transformation is a matter of WHEN not IF. It’s now time for innovative, fast-growing companies to take the leap and transform their procurement into a world-class, revenue generating function. Implementing a S2P/P2P solutions enables companies to follow a standardized procurement process, make proactive decisions, generate savings and increase efficiency.

However, there a few Do’s and Don’t when talking about procurement transformation, that can make or break your project. During this session we will discuss practical tips that can ensure the success of your project and situations that should be avoided to reduce project risk.


  • Why do fast-growing companies need a digital procurement transformation?
  • How do you set your main project objectives? OR What should your main project objectives be?
  • Do you think an integrated scalable solution is better than periodically adopting new systems to fit your business objectives?
  • How to deal with user resistance to change (low user adoption)?

Moderators:Oskar Dahllöf | Corporate Program Manager for Procurement Digitalization | Arjo & Richie Northcote, Sales Director Nordics Region, Xoomworks Procurement, part of Accenture